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Neck Joint Service

Neck Joint service / Ghost Mannequin Service

Try our Neck Joint Service / Ghost Mannequin Service in your images Product to sell more-

One of the most common techniques of shooting clothing sale is using Ghost Mannequin Service or Neck Joint Service to show how they would be placed. Anyway, this is always the most effective approach, but some vendors choose to take pictures of their products worn by models or ghost mannequin and then removed in Photoshop.

For sellers of small businesses that do all of them, including post-production of images, removing models or mannequins pictures can very complicate.  

Neck Joint/Ghost Mannequins Service | Photograph Your Products to Create Ghosting on Images in Your Catalog Online.

When we take apparel item without a mannequin is known as ghost mannequin or neck joint in the field of image processing service. To create the 2D and 3D shape of different clothing items, plastic dolls are used instead of the human figure. Ghost mannequin / neck joint service is a photo editing service that is often done on clothing products, such as dresses, blouses, shirts, pants, etc.

The neck joint service is generally known as invisible mannequin or ghost mannequin service. The products are also handled in the online fashion industry, e-commerce companies and magazines by phantom mannequin service. If you want to improve the quality of an image on your e-commerce site, then you can make use of neck joint service in Photoshop. People agree to display clothing in a catalog or on a website. As online shopping is dedicated to the digital seller, any product they sell it requires ghost mannequin service for the product image.

Neck Joint Service, Neck Joint, Ghost Mannequin Service

The Benefits of Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint Service in Photoshop

Photographers use plastic dolls instead of human body to save costs of photography. By using joint neck service, it is possible to shoot several product images in a very short time. It improves the image quality of the clothes that you display on your site.

The apparel industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. If you want to keep up with the competition in this industry, you need to do something unique. First, you need to make sure that you sell your products well. This can do with the help of neck joint or ghost mannequin service. It will dramatically increase the sale of your products. Improve the image quality of the clothing that is displayed on your site and this will help increase the target customer of your site as well, which would mean more money for your business. Overall, the ghost mannequin service has a big impact on the online fashion industry.

Who Need to Take Neck Joint Service?

  • E-commerce website sites
  • Other different websites use this service
  • News and Magazines
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Professional clothing photographer
  • Fashion photographer
  • Readymade garments
  • E-shop, garments retailers and brands
  • Printing
  • Annual Reports

When an How to Take Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint Service

Ghost Mannequin Service ideals are static and resembling as much as possible the actual human figure. Depending on your needs you will choose the ghost mannequin service; It may be complete or without arms, hands or legs. If your model has tips, see that the extremities can position outside the frame. White mannequins tend to be non-refracting and can use for merging with a white background, which will make editing easier.

Check that your product is suitable for the dummy. Also, use tweezers or needle to stylize. If your product has sleeves, do make sure to extend them so that clients can observe.

There are several techniques for photographing your online clothing store. Clothing present plan with models, and other widely used: with a dummy. Generally, when using a mannequin, the photographic work is complemented by a dose of retouching, with which we get the ghost technique. This technique is nothing to erase the dummy that used for the photo, and add the inside of the back. To this effect the feeling that an invisible person is wear the clothes.

Now the question is; why would you take all these complicated steps before presenting your products in 3D to your prospective customers? …. Trading Expert London is available to execute all the process for you in no time. We are professional graphics designers and experts in Neck Joint Service or Ghost Mannequin Service. Our techniques are outstanding compared to other 3D display products.

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