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What is Photo manipulation?

You hear about photo manipulation every day in the digital age… but what is photo manipulation? What does it mean, what are types and uses? This article describes the basic definition of image manipulation. Read more on Wikipedia.

In the digital age, image manipulation shines every day, but it is a often misunderstood and erroneously depicted subject. This article describes the types of image manipulation, its uses, and what exactly means being manipulated for a photo to photo.


The medium for photo manipulation

Almost all image formats can be manipulated, although some image formats for photo manipulation are absolutely popular. Most digital cameras than their standard shoot jpgs, making it probably the most common format for subsequent photo manipulation. However, many photographers prefer to shoot in RAW format if they plan to manipulate the image because of the higher quality.

Since this article focuses on manipulation of digital photos, photo manipulation is part of the photography since its creation. In the dark room, many political photographs were judged by a consuming process. The digital age brought digital cameras and digital cameras the advantage of yes, digital images.

Of course, the sophisticated today’s photo manipulation techniques can also be applied to old movie negatives once they have been scanned correctly.

Photo “Edit” against “manipulation”

Of course, many people do not think of what they do as a photo manipulation, but as photo editing. During each change in a photo, technically referred to as photo manipulation, it is a common difference.

Photo editing is usually made smaller changes, which do not dramatically change the image. Almost all digital photographers participate in this kind of manipulation.

Removing red-eye to adjust curves to play with color balances. Sometimes the photographer made a mistake consisting of the score, and manipulation is just to correct it to fix a crooked horizon or facilitate an underlined image. Secondly, increasing the aesthetic qualities of an image to saturate or the colors of a sunset to remove a distracting branch of a skyscraper. To deceive no intentions only to please.
How precise melting, what is considered to be popularly known as “manipulation” is a subjective line that is very different from photographers. Generally photo manipulation if you have conglomerates of multiple images or if the image was changed by reasonable recognition.

Photo manipulation is made for a variety of purposes. Shameless it’s for political or sensational purposes. Notorious examples that vary “black” from a version of OJ Simpson’s village to the Soviets, removes political figures when they fall from favor. In fact, the first known case of a photo manipulation by Abraham Lincoln is that it can trim a little more.

But image manipulation is an art form. Four Spirits, literally Lionfische, a little boy fishing on a crescent moon, are all examples of large amounts of photo manipulation as art. Beautiful and weird images can be created from the well-known and the associated techniques require as great skill as photography properly.

What exactly is photo manipulation?

What is exactly image/photo manipulation? There are many tools for Photo manipulation; Here’s an overview of what’s available.

Older film-based cameras included many dark space techniques to manipulate images, the actual physical changes of negatives. All acids to staples were in what was often a time-consuming process. To this day there are people who swear by this process, in the image’s intimacy as the dark room.

But back to the digital age. With today’s sophisticated digital cameras, there is a significant degree of manipulation that also happens when the shutter goes through, from the automatic red-eye removal to color filters with contrast adjustments. Something deep dive in your individual camera handbook is necessary to see how many of these features, without knowing about your camera and how many are standard.

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